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Our Staff

We have a team of friendly, caring and experienced staff members who are passionate advocates for quality early childhood education. Together they form a collaborative team of professionals who are committed to providing engaging and stimulating educational programs aimed at enhancing the learning and developmental outcomes for all children within their care. They are committed to best practice in Early Childhood Education and participate in ongoing training and staff development.

At all times children will be supervised by a staff member with a First Aid Certificate, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.  Please also note that all Kindergarten staff are also Mandatory Reporters and obligated to report children at risk of significant harm.



Educational Leader

Kerry is our Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor at the kindergarten and teaches both Joeys and Lorikeets Groups.  She has been with Hughesdale kinder since 1997 with leave to have her 2 children. Kerry has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Teaching and Primary Educational Studies from Monash University.




Ramee teaches the 4-year-old Possums group. She began her career as an Additional Kindergarten Assistant after completing her Certificate of Education Support. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Information Systems and Management. Over the past few years, Ramee has worked as an Educator/ECT Assistant with a 4-year-old group in sessional kindergarten, an art teacher in primary schools in after-school art classes and as a cake artist in her own business. Additionally, she has held various roles in media, marketing, and administration.




Sally has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).

She has a passion for supporting, leading and inspiring all children, as well as working closely with families and support services for inclusive and quality early learning. Sally currently works along side Yellow ladybugs which is a government organisation that supports autistic girls, teens and women, and was the first Early Childhood Teacher to be a neuro-affirming speaker at conferences and help create

resources for educators supporting autism in an early childhood setting. Sally has previous experience as an educational leader, and received an award for the most Inspirational Leader.




Tanya is an Educator with all three of the Joeys, Possums and Lorikeets Groups. Tanya began her career working with children in 2004, completing her Certificate III in Early Childhood Services 2010 and completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Services 2011. She joined Hughesdale Kindergarten in 2014. Tanya loves outdoor sports, AFL footy club Saint Kilda, gardening, cooking, a variety of crafts and loves science experiments. She loves working with children, giving them a loving, caring and safe environment to be surrounded in. 




Vanessa is an educator who provides lunch cover for Lorikeets and Possums Groups, and relief cover when needed.  Vanessa has a Diploma in Early Childhood Services and 12 years' experience in early childhood learning. She joined the kindergarten in 2019, after taking time away from work to have her children.  




Bhagya joined Hughesdale Kinder in 2019 as an educator for the Joeys Group, as well as being the Kindergarten Inclusion Support assistant for the Lorikeets Group. She has been working in Early Childhood Learning since 2014.  Bhagya completed a Certificate III in Children Services in 2014 and Diploma in Early Childhood in 2016.  Bhagya also has experience as an integration-teacher's aide since 2012.




Tash is co-educator with the Joeys and Possums Groups. Tash has held varied roles in marketing & business; however followed her passion to begin her career in early childhood by completing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.  She joined the team at Hughesdale Kindergarten in 2018. Tash’s teaching philosophy is focused on preparing children with the necessary skills to lead fulfilling lives and to contribute to society in a positive way. Her goal is to ensure children feel safe, secure, respected, important, cared for and believed in.




Debbie is an educator who started with Lorikeets in 2022 after completing her Diploma in Early Childhood in 2021.  Debbie has completed many placement hours in a Brighton kindergarten (3 and 4 year olds) as well as long day care (working with babies to 5 year olds).  Debbie enjoys water sports as well as scrapbooking.  Debbie looks forward to working with Lorikeets and providing a fun, safe environment for the children to learn.



Administration Officer

Sharlene is the Kinder Office Administrator, who works part time Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sharlene was a sole proprietor for 10 years prior to having her children. She now enjoys the balance of motherhood and her administrative duties.

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