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Gallery & Virtual Tour

Our Facilities

Hughesdale Kinder boasts a large and well-lit teaching room, with plenty of space for children to move around and use. The internal space undergoes continual reorganisation by the staff to set up different learning spaces depending on the topic under investigation by the children. Sometimes the space has a café, sometimes it is a hospital, sometimes it is a rocket ship. The possibilities are endless. There are spaces set aside for quiet time, messy time, story time and craft time. Each child has their own allocated locker space for their session in which to store their belongings.


Hughesdale Kinder is immensely proud of its outdoor play space, which has been crafted in harmony with the natural landscape. We have many trees which provide much needed shade on those glorious hot, summer days. We also have our large, covered sandpit, which is very popular throughout the year.


We have various climbing frames and activities which enable children to explore their abilities in a safe and supportive way. There are 2 cubby houses for imaginative play, with a vast variety of play equipment stored in sheds. A very popular rope swing can be found in our garden, where we encourage turn-taking and co-operative play. We also have a boat which is another popular area allowing their imaginations run wild.


Additionally, we have a wonderful dry river bed and a wooden stage for even more imagination and creations to happen. There is also a worm farm that the children help take care of.

Virtual Tour

Due to the COVID pandemic, face-to-face events such as our annual Open Days have needed to be cancelled in past years, although things are returning back to normal.  We hope the virtual tour gives you a good sense of our kinder environment, and that our FAQ section can answer many of the questions you may have.  

You are very welcome to try and arrange an individual tour, and speak with a kinder staff member directly about programs on offer and any further questions.  

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