Hughesdale Kindergarten 

New Starters Information

Please see our 2021 Information Booklet  

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Parental Involvement

We value the partnership between parents and our team of Early Childhood Educators.  We encourage parents to express their concerns, share information about their children and to ask questions.  If you have any concerns at all regarding your child's progress, please feel free to discuss these with your teacher at any time.

We invite parents to help us in setting objectives and goals for their child.  Each term we send home a form requesting you to share experiences and happenings that involve your child outside of kinder (such as renovating your home, family outings/holidays or a new baby to the family). This information will assist us in planning activities and experiences for your child.

Hughesdale Kindergarten is a community based kinder and as such relies on parental involvement in order to operate. Parents are provided with many and varied opportunities to become involved at our kinder.  There is an expectation that parents (or another family member or friend) will occasionally participate in kinder duty (parent participation in the classroom). There are many other ways parents can become involved, such as attending social functions, helping out at Working Bees which are held once a term or even joining the committee.  Children feel very special when their parents are on duty at kinder and learn to be giving members of our society by observing their parents engage in voluntary work outside the home.


What you need to bring


One complete change of clothes!

Also, according to our Sun Protection Policy, all children must wear a hat from September through to end of April (wide brimmed or Legionnaire) that is clearly labelled. You may wish to purchase a Kindergarten Hat with the logo on the front - see staff for details. In winter, all children must bring a warm coat and if possible a warm hat.

Thongs, clogs and crocs ARE NOT TO BE WORN. These are very dangerous whilst the child is climbing, running and having fun in our Kinder environment.

Please consider your child's needs when dressing them to attend Hughesdale Kindergarten. Clothing should be suitable for children to participate in all activities eg: fingerprinting, climbing etc.


Encouraging healthy eating


We encourage healthy eating at kinder to assist in developing healthy eating habits and teaching our children to make healthy food, activity and lifestyle choices.

We ask that you do not put chocolate frogs, lollies, sweets and packets of chips in your child’s lunch boxes and perhaps replace these with healthy choices.

Good lunchbox choice suggestions include: fresh fruit; crunchy vegetables; a meat or protein food such as slices of lean meat, hardboiled egg; dairy food such as a cheese stick or slice, grated cheese, milk or yoghurt; starchy food such as bread, a roll, pita or flat bread, fruit bread or crackers; water.


Birthdays are celebrated at Hughesdale Kindergarten with a pretend cake and the children receive a card and a sticker.

All the children sing Happy Birthday to the child celebrating their special day.




Security of your child is of priority. We rely on parents to assist with the measures that we have put into place. We ask that the entrance/exit doors are closed behind you as you arrive or leave the centre. We are very happy to answer the door to visitors or someone who may be collecting your child on an occasional basis. Please just ring the door bell and we will answer it promptly.




Parking restrictions are enforced around the Kinder. Please be aware of the street signs whilst at Kinder. If you are going to stay longer than two hours please see a staff member for a temporary parking permit which you can
collect from the office. Please return it to the office before you leave.


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