Our Staff

Hughesdale Kindergarten has a team of exceptional , committed staff who are highly valued by kinder community, and go above and beyond to make the children at our children and our community feel a strong sense of belonging.

Kinder staff express ideas, actively listen, ask and answer questions when communicating, providing support for each other and parents in a collaborative manner. Staff support each other in implementing the program, respecting each other's contributions, their ideas and beliefs.


Staff  respect the children as individuals and members of a group, always providing them with support to learn and develop. They also accept all families as having unique experiences and practices that can be drawn upon.  At all times they are non-judgemental and supportive, respecting choices made by parents.


Our staff are Sun Smart Anti-Cancer Council Accredited, Asthma Association Accredited, and First Aid & Anaphylaxis trained. 




Educational Leader

Kerry is our Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor at the kindergarten and teaches both the 3/4 year old Blue group and the 4/5 year old Red group. She has been with Hughesdale kinder since 1997 with leave to have her 2 children.

Kerry has a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary from Monash University.




Rosie is currently teaching 4/5 year old Green Group . She has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood from Melbourne University and a Primary Teaching degree from Deakin University. Rosie has been with us for over 15 years with a break to have her children.




Chris, who has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, joined the staff at Hughesdale Kindergarten in 2016. Over the past few years she has enjoyed working with 3 and 4 year old children in different kindergartens. Chris teaches Yellow Group and also does lunch cover for Green Group staff on a Tuesday and Thursday.




Tanya is Educator with both of the 4/5 year old groups. Tanya began her career working with children in 2004, completing her Certificate III in Early Childhood Services 2010 and completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Services 2011 . She joined Hughesdale Kindergarten in 2014.


Tanya loves outdoor sports, AFL footy club Saint Kilda, gardening, cooking a variety of crafts and loves science experiments. She loves working with children, giving them a loving, caring and safe environment to be surrounded in. 




Lesley is the Co Educator with Red 4/5 year old Group and both 3/4 year old groups.  Lesley has been with us for over 10 years and has a calm and nurturing way with the children.

Lesley has completed her Certificate III in Children's Services.




Vanessa is an educator who provides lunch cover for Red 4/5 year old group sessions and relief coverage  when needed. Vanessa has a Diploma in Early Childhood Services and 12 years experience in early childhood learning. She joined the kindergarten in 2019, after taking time away from work to have her children.  




Baghya joined Hughesdale Kinder in 2019 as an educator for Yellow 3/4 yr old group, with 5 years experience in Early Childhood Learning.  Baghya completed a Certificate III in Children Services in 2014 and Diploma in Early Childhood in 2016. Baghya has also had experience as an integration - teachers aide since 2012.




“Tash is Co-educator with Green 4/5 year old group. Tash has held varied roles in marketing & business however followed her passion to begin her career in early childhood by completing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. She joined the team at Hughesdale Kindergarten in 2018.

Tash’s teaching philosophy is focussed on preparing children with the necessary skills to lead fulfilling lives and to contribute to society in a positive way. Her goal is to ensure children feel safe, secure, respected, important, cared for and believed in



Support Staff

Rita is our wonderful and innovative music teacher who teaches music to each of our groups.



Administration Officer

Annette is the kinder Administration Officer, who works Wednesday & Fridays. Annette has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Diploma of Education from Monash University.