Principles and Policies

Committee of Management


The Committee is made up of Parent Representatives elected to share the responsibilities of the running and maintenance of the kindergarten. Parents from both the three and four year old groups make up the Committee which all help towards the smooth and successful running of Hughesdale Kindergarten.


As well as the teacher, representatives from each group attend the monthly meetings of the Committee. Any matter that parents feel need discussing can be channelled through these representatives, or in a letter for this meeting.




Fundraising is important to our kinder; it pays for additional and expensive items such as the redevelopment of the kinder playground and educational toys that assist our children with the development of specific skills.  It also brings together families and the wider community providing opportunities to meet and socialise with other families in our local area.


Participation in fundraising is voluntary; however the support of every family evens the load. The committee ensures fundraising income is kept separate from the kinder operating budget.  Families will be informed about how fundraising income will be utilised.



At Hughesdale Kindergarten, our staff are committed to the provision of quality programs and provide input into the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs. They contribute to individual child records and incorporate learning experiences into the overall program that is appropriate for each child as indicated by these records.

Read more about our staff here.



Policy General Definitions
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy
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Administration of Medication
Child Safe Environment Policy
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Dealing with medical conditions
Determining Responsible Person Policy
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Emergency and Evacuation
Enrolment and Orientation Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Excursions and Special Events 
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Governance and Management of the Service Policy
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness
Inclusion and Equity Policy
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